Shinn House (5/30/15): Master Bedroom 2nd Generation Clips

The master bedroom is on the 2nd floor. All of these clips were recorded in that room and are 2nd generation recordings except for the last clip.

While in this room, I felt unusually intense feelings of happiness and love. Some people had asked questions relating to these emotions, so perhaps the questions stirred up the energy and that was what I was feeling. All I know is that I don’t have that intensity and pleasantness of feeling often. I hope this is a reflection of the feelings of the Shinn family, in particular the adults who slept in the master bedroom.

Clip 1: You’ll hear Laura J wrapping up a quick EVP session. She ends by saying, “This time I think that I heard you [the spirits] out loud….” Right after she finishes, a disembodied male voice says, “A love like this.” I think this may have been a response to some of the love and laughter questions that had been asked earlier during this session.

Clip 2: Sal asks, “Was there a lot of laughter in this room?” A disembodied male voice says, “Behind me.”

Clip 3: This is an interesting one. You’ll hear Laura J coughing; during the quick EVP session she had a sudden coughing fit. One disembodied male voice says what sounds like, “Caught cold.” (Perhaps to explain why Laura J was suddenly coughing.) Then, another disembodied male voice can be heard saying, “Be careful.” As in “be careful of your health”?

Clip 4: Sal says, “Pass.” At the 2 second mark, a disembodied male voice says what sounds like “County.” You’ll then hear me ask if he had said “pass” before he actually did. I thought I’d heard a disembodied voice before Sal passed. Then a disembodied woman’s voice can be heard saying “Who?”

Clip 5: Laura J asks if there were any babies conceived in the room. At the 8 second mark, there is a pinging noise that sounds like a sub’s sonar. At the time of the EVP session, no one heard a noise like this and no one in the room made this sound.

Clip 6: That was not the only time the pinging noise was heard. In this clip (which is a 1st generation clip), you’ll hear it in the silence during a quick EVP session. Like Clip 5, no one human who was present heard the pinging noise at the time of the 1st generation recording. It was only upon analysis of my recording did I find this 2nd pinging noise.

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