Alameda Naval Air Museum: Possibly Human?

These clips were recorded at the Alameda Naval Air Museum on 6/20/15 during the set-up time and during the break.

Clip 1: This was recorded during the set up. You’ll hear other people talking in the background. As someone human coughs, I can hear an “Ahhh,” followed by a an unidentified voice that says what sounds like, “Bet some” or “Get some.”

Clip 2: This was recorded during the set up. It sounds like the same unidentified voice sighing, then saying what sounds like “Just right now.”

Clip 3: This was recorded during the set up. Laura J announces that Pam will be one of the group leaders, “…if you [Pam] want to.” Right after this an unidentified voice whispers, “I want to.”

Clip 4: This was recorded on the break. In the background, you can hear several women (humans) talking. At the 3 second mark, a possible disembodied voice says, “Wait for that direction.”

Clip 5: While on break, Pam describes a piece of equipment that lit up when her group was in the Pan Am room on the first floor. When Pam goes, “Hmmmm,” a possible disembodied voice can be heard slowly saying, “Yeah” in a drawn out manner.

Clip 6: This was recorded on break. An unidentified voice can be heard saying, “Alright, what are you doing?” I think this may be Pam.

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