Alameda Naval Air Museum (6/20/15): Utility Room on 1st Floor

This area was very active. At the beginning of our time here, I sensed someone lurking around in the back of the room and I thought it was James, one of the people in the group, looking around in that area. However, he was on the opposite side of me and nowhere near where I felt the presence of someone/something.

Vicki took a number of photos here and, in many of them, a small black shadow could be seen in the right bottom corner. There were no obstructions that would’ve created this shadow.

Several people in the group (including myself) also reported feeling cold spots around them while in the Utility Room.

Clip 1: Vicki says, “I’m taking pictures and you just start seeing this shadow again.” Right after she says, “I’m taking pictures and…” an unidentified voice says, “Wow.” The voice sounds male to me. There was one man in the group, James, and this voice doesn’t sound like him.

Clip 2: At first, I thought I might’ve been the one to utter, “Wow.” It is something I say and I was pretty mystified by the black shadow that was popping up in Vicki’s photos. However, for comparison, here’s a clip of me saying, “Wow.”

As you can hear, there’s a big difference between the “Wow” in clip 1 and my “wow” in clip 2. So who else was impressed with Vicki’s photos in the Utility Room?

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