Alameda Naval Air Museum (6/20/15): Talking in the Library

The Library is on the 3rd floor.

We encountered some interesting things while in this room. Vicki continued to take photos with her new shadow friend showing up.

During the playback of a quick EVP session, we could clearly hear what sounded like the creak made by someone walking. But it wasn’t a normal walking pace. We’d hear one creak; then, several minutes later, we’d hear another single creak. While the humans did move during the recording, they didn’t move that much. It really sounded like someone/something was walking around us.

Clip 1: I am setting the order for how the questions will be asked as we start a quick EVP session. I mistakenly call James “Bill.” Vicki catches this and corrects me. We laugh at my mistake. Apparently, the spirits were also laughing. At the 9 second mark, a disembodied male voice can be heard saying, “That was great!”

The rest of these clips are all 2nd generation recordings and were found when listening to the recorded playback of the quick EVP session.

Clip 2: I am identifying the location of the recording. At the 6 second mark, a male disembodied voice says what sounds like, “She stood them up.” I’ve amplified this part of the clip so hopefully you’ll be able to hear this voice.

clip 3: I say, “I can’t tell if it’s a voice or….” A disembodied voice says what sounds like, “Tarnish.” I’ve amplified and slowed down this part of the clip.

Clip 4: Joke asks, “Is your name mentioned in any of these books in here?” A male disembodied voice says what sounds like, “Sure ’nuff,” as in, “Yes, sure enough.”

Clip 5: I ask the spirits to tell us what war they fought in, if there was a war happening when they served in the military. At the 17 second mark, I can hear a disembodied voice say very faintly, “Vietnam.”

Clip 6: This is a very interesting clip. James asks, “How many spirits are with us tonight?” The first disembodied voice can be heard clearly saying, “I really don’t know.” Then, another disembodied voice says, “Watch it!”.

Clip 7: Joke asks, “Are there any American Indians present?” At the 7 second mark, a disembodied voice says faintly, “We are.”

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