Alameda Naval Air Museum (6/20/15): Pre-Investigation, Part 2

Here are more clips recorded before the investigation started.

Clip 1: During the instructions, Laura J says, “Pam’s in charge of the group, so I wasn’t going to give it [the walkie-talkie] to her.” Right after this, a disembodied male voice says, “I want to.”

Clip 2: Laura J says, “These people deciding they’re going to do something else. OK?” She pauses between saying, “…something else” and “OK.” In this pause, you can hear a male disembodied voice say, “OK” before Laura J says, “OK?”

Clip 3: Laura J says, “The cigarettes [a trigger object] are over here….” A male disembodied voice says what sounds like either “And chill” or “Ancho [pepper?].”

Clip 4: Laura J says, “Sorry. That was me, not….sorry.” In between “That was me, not” and “sorry,” she pauses. In the pause, a disembodied voice says what sounds like “Cold pit.”

Clip 5: Laura J says, “It’s for safety. You don’t want to be…tripping over…..” In the pause between “want to be” and “tripping over,” a male disembodied voice clearly says, “Hey, ho.” (Maybe it was one of the Seven Dwarfs.)

Clip 6: In the first second of the clip, over Laura J talking, a disembodied voice sounds like it’s saying, “Laura.”

Clip 7: This was recorded in the stairway during the building tour. Between the sound of footsteps on the stairs, a male disembodied voice says, “Walk this way.”

Clip 8: In this clip, a disembodied voice says what sounds like, “Here it comes.” At the 4 second mark, a disembodied voice says what sounds like, “World War” in a sing-songy way.

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