Historic Building (6/12/15), Benicia, CA: First Floor, Part 3

These clips were recorded in the main room on the first floor and are all 1st generation recordings.

Clip 1: During the quick EVP session, Laura J asks, “Whose picture is up above, behind the desk [at the front of the room]?” At the 8 second mark, I can hear a short whistle or toot.

The same sound could not be found on the 2nd generation recording of this same moment. This was the only time, during nearly 3 hours of investigating, that this sound was ever heard in this building.

Clip 2: Laura J and Chris are talking about the front door of the building being constantly opened and closed during our EVP session. I can hear what sounds like a disembodied voice, and it may be saying, “Really going [to] affect you.”

Clip 3: Chris asks the spirits, “Or could you go out there and tell them to quit opening the [front] door?” Right after this, i can hear a female voice say, “Excuse me.” It sounds like one of the women in the room said this but I don’t think it’s Chris or Laura J. (It’s definitely not me.)

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