Historic Building (6/12/15), Benicia, CA: From EVP Session 2

These 2nd generation clips were recorded on the “Cathy recorder” during the quick EVP session number 2 in the main room on the first floor.

Clip 1: Right after Chris says, “Uhm,” I can hear a disembodied voice say what sounds like, “Cathy.” If this is so, it’s interesting as the recorder being used for this second EVP session is known as the “Cathy recorder.”

Clip 2: This is Mike’s question about if the spirits had to clean the spittoons in the room when they were alive. Laura J slowed this down during the replay. I can hear a male disembodied voice say, “Had to,” which is then followed by another disembodied voice saying something that I can’t make out.

Clip 3: Before Laura J asks her question, I can hear a series of noises. These noises were not made by us (the humans) in the main room or heard by us. I’m not sure what made these noises.

Clip 4: Right after Laura J says, “Thank you,” there are 2 quick taps. They sound like someone tapping the microphone. No one human tapped the microphone and the taps were not heard during the quick EVP session. Was someone trying to get our attention?

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