Historic Building (6/12/15), Benicia, CA: More from the Second Floor

The first 3 clips were recorded on the second floor of the historic building.

Clip 1: Chris says, “Yes! And there was a piano. Yeah.” Right after this, a loud disembodied voice can be heard but I can’t make out what it’s saying.

Clip 2: One of the uses of the historic building was as a voting place. We wanted to re-enact people voting on an issue in hopes of stirring up the spirits. Chris asks, “What should we vote on?” A loud disembodied voice replies but I can’t make out what it’s saying.

Clip 3: The spirits weigh in on the Diet Pepsi vs. Diet Coke debate. Chris and I are talking about what soda I’m going to drink on the break. You’ll hear a sigh, which is human, followed by a disembodied voice that sounds like it’s saying, “Not at all,” as if in response to Chris’s assertion that there’s no difference between the two products.

Clip 4: This was recorded outside of the historic building. I had to go to the bathroom that’s located outside. When I went to open the door, Chris notices that it’s locked. She says, “Why would they lock…[the outside bathroom].” A disembodied voice says, “Sorry,” like it’s apologizing for the door being locked.

I love polite spirits!

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