House (6/12/15), Benicia, CA: In the Nursery

There’s a small room off the Kitchen that was once used as a Nursery. Now, clothes and other items are stored in the small room. The first 4 clips are all 2nd generation clips that were recorded in the Nursery.

Clip 1: In this clip, I ask the spirits to tell us what the room was originally used for. I can hear the faint sounds of a disembodied female voice talking in the background during the silence but I can’t make out what she’s saying.

Clip 2: Chuck asks, “Was anyone born in this room?” Near the end of the clip, I can hear a male disembodied voice that may be saying, “What about them?”

Clip 3: In this clip, you’ll hear Laura J note that the flashlight by her suddenly turned on in response to someone else asking if the male spirits enjoyed wearing the dresses that were stored in the Nursery. One of the men in the group says, “Oh, my God.” Laura J responds with, “Alrighty, then!” This is followed by a male disembodied voice that says “Hot flash.”

Clip 4: I’ve slowed down the “Hot flash” in Clip 3. Now it sounds like the disembodied voice is saying, “I’ll get it.”

Clip 5: This is a 1st generation recording. You’ll hear Laura J say, “I’m aiming it [her flashlight] towards you, man.” One of us laughs. Laura J continues, “Just for that….” Right after that, a male disembodied voice says, “She won’t care.”

Uhm, actually since the flashlight was aimed at me, yes, I do care!

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