House (6/12/15), Benicia, CA: 2nd Floor Master Bedroom, Part 1

These were recorded in the “Master Bedroom” located on the 2nd floor.

Clip 1: In this clip, you’ll hear what sounds like creaking or footsteps walking on the 2nd floor.

Clip 2: More footsteps/creaks, after Laura J asks the spirits to give us a sign of their presence because they were messing with her equipment bag.

I wonder if these footsteps/creaks were coming from whomever/whatever was walking in the hallway when we were in the Veranda?

Clip 3: I say, “That’s on my bucket list.” A disembodied voice says, after me, “What was that?” I’ve amplified and slowed down this part of the clip.

Clip 4: Chuck says, “As their counsel. It was kind of like, ‘Whoa!'” Chris replies, “Nice.” Right after Chris, a disembodied voice says, “What’s that?”

Clip 5: You’ll hear me ask the spirits if they had a favorite Pardee sister and, if so, what her name was. At the 5 second mark, you’ll hear a low disembodied voice. I think it’s saying, “It was the…second,” right before the train horn in the background.

At the time of the recording, we thought we heard a squeak coming from the room. However, when I slowed down the squeak, I was able to hear a disembodied voice. It sounds like it’s actually saying “It was the…second.” Does this mean it was the second Pardee sister?

Clip 6: Mike says, “Tag. I kind of breathe loud.” Laura J laughs and says, “I was trying not to laugh because it was a pretty long question of….” Right after she speaks, there is a faint sound/noise that sounds like a “Whoop.”

Notice that Chris, Laura J, and I all heard the sound in real time during the actual quick EVP session.

Clip 7: Chuck asks if there’s a spirit sitting in the chair behind Chris and, if so, what it’s name is. There’s two different disembodied voices right after his question but it’s not clear to me what they’re saying. I’ve amplified this part of the clip.

It appears that both Chris and Chuck heard these voices/sounds but weren’t certain as to where it was coming from.

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