House (6/12/15), Benicia, CA: Joined Bedroom, 2nd Floor

These clips were recorded in the Joined Bedroom on the 2nd floor. This was the last location we investigated at the House. I only have a few possible EVPs from this room, because we didn’t stay very long. It was almost time for us to go home.

Clip 1: Chris tells the spirits that she and I are going to spend the night in the room and asks which bed she should take. (There are 2 beds in 2 rooms separated by a wall with a door in it. Thus, the “Joined” Bedroom.)

I can hear what is possibly a disembodied female voice say something after her question but can’t make out what this voice is saying.

Clip 2: Mike asks the spirits if they’ve been ridiculed as much as he has by us tonight. A disembodied voice says, “OK” and then there’s 2 knocks.

Clip 3: Laura J asks the spirits if they ever had a nightcap before they went to bed. I can hear voices after her question but I can’t make out what they’re saying.

Clip 4: This was recorded during one of the pauses in between our questions. I can hear a male voice say, “They’re meeting in the back,” followed by another voice that says something I can’t make out.

Clip 5: This was also recorded during a pause. I can hear a voice but I can’t make out what it’s saying.

Clip 6: This was also recorded during a pause and is the last EVP I found from this investigation. A disembodied voice says, “Let me out!” Fitting, I guess, since we were leaving right after this.

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