House (6/12/15), Benicia, CA: Veranda, Part 1

These 1st generation clips were recorded in the Veranda/Sun Porch.

Clip 1: As Chris says, “Let Chuck lock up,” a male disembodied voice says, “Take me.” Chuck responds, “Let me lock up, go away!” A different disembodied voice says, “Alright.”

Clip 2: Chris says, “This is a weird place for, like, a big cabinet like this.” At the 3 second mark, a disembodied voice says, “Go do that.”

Clip 3: Chuck says, “This was a screen porch….” As he says porch, I can hear what may be a disembodied voice but I can’t make out what it’s saying.

Clip 4: Before I ask my question about Miss Gump, an alarm bell sounds. A few second later, there is a distinctive thump.

The alarm goes off when a shut door opens. The odd part is that, save for 2 people, all of us were on the Veranda. The other 2 people were sitting quietly in the Dining Room on the 1st floor. Chuck says this alarm sounds like it is coming from the 2nd floor, where we are.

Interestingly, 20 seconds later, Laura J hears something on the other side of the closed door leading to the hallway from the Veranda. She also, at one point, heard a series of footsteps come up to this door. Was the door opened by someone/something that then walked the 2nd floor hallway?

Clip 5: Mike asks, “Would the family know Joaquin Murietta?” At the 3 second mark, I can hear a faint male disembodied voice say, “That’s right!”

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