USS Hornet Overnight (Paracon, 8/8/15): After-Hours

Although the official overnight investigation ended around 1:30 a.m., Laura and I continued investigating with some other people. We spent an additional few hours in Sick Bay. These clips were all recorded in the different areas of the Sick Bay.

Clip 1: The buzzing in the background is normal for many areas on the USS Hornet. At the 3 second mark, a male disembodied voice says, “Excellent,” right before someone human sniffles.

Clip 2: At the beginning of the clip, you’ll hear a banging sound made by a human. In the background, you’ll hear a faint crackle-like noise; this was coming from an app someone was running on their iPhone.

Laura J says, “Will you please stop?” After that, I can hear one voice at the 8 second mark but can’t make out what’s being said. This disembodied voice “rides” on the sound of other people in the Sick Bay area who were talking.

I also hear another disembodied voice at the 10 second mark saying, “Madam.”

Clip 3: Laura J says, “I’m using, I’m putting it on the surgery bed.” A human laughs right before a disembodied voice says, “I want to.”

Clip 4: In this 2nd generation recording, Laura J asks if we look funny with all the ghost hunting equipment spread out on the table in the x-ray room.

At the 6 second mark, a disembodied voice says what sounds like, “You think you can…” followed by Laura J identifying that a flashlight has turned on. At the 9 second mark, I can hear another disembodied voice say, “OK.”

Clip 5: In this 2nd generation recording, Laura J is wrapping up a quick EVP session. As she turns off her audio recorder, it sounds like a disembodied voice saying, “In the classroom” at the 4 second mark.

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