USS Hornet Overnight (Paracon, 8/8/15): Overheard in the Ward Room

These are 1st generation recordings from the Ward Room.

Clip 1: This is the cry/shout that we all heard in real time come from somewhere close to the Ward Room as Bill Chappell explained some of his equipment.

As Bill talks, it sounds like a female crying/shouting out at the 4 second mark. This is what we all heard.

As soon as I heard this cry, I jumped up to see if I could find who was out there yelling. My search turned up no one (human, that is).

There is also what may be a disembodied male voice that sounds like it’s replying to this female at the 8 second mark. I can’t make out what this voice is saying. We did not hear this voice at the time because it’s so faint.

There is a possibility that this may have been someone human who got lost and was looking for her group or friends. The lost person cries out to try and find their group/friends. Another voice replies to let the lost person know where he/she/they are.

There were a lot of people who were roaming around the ship after leaving their investigation groups, although I don’t know how many people would’ve been doing this so early into the investigation. (The Ward Room was the 2nd location on our rotation.) But it’s still possible that these voices are human.

The female voice sounds very real and possibly human to me. Is it human or spirit–what do you think?

Clip 2: We did a quick EVP session using some of Bill’s equipment. Someone asks the spirits to touch one of us. “Or just walk by and we’ll be able to feel you, your….” She pauses and a disembodied voice can be heard saying either, “Want to” or “Walk through” before she says, “…energy.”

Clip 3: We are on the move to our next location. You’ll hear several of us talking in the background. At one point, someone says, “Oh! That’s cool.” Laura J says, “I don’t know.” There’s another voice that then says at the 9 second mark, “Bill, hold that.”

Laura J: Is this possibly one of us talking and asking Bill to hold something?

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