USS Hornet Overnight (Paracon, 8/8/15): Sick Bay, Part 2

These are 2nd generation recordings from Sick Bay.

Clip 1: Mike asks the spirits if they still need medical attention. At the 8 second mark, a male voice clearly says, “No.”

Clip 2: Laura J says, “It wasn’t quite to you yet, but OK.” The person who she’s talking to apologizes. This is followed by a male disembodied voice that says, “Gotcha.”

Clip 3: Tracy asks the doctor for morphine to help with the “pain” he’s feeling. At the 4 second mark, a disembodied voice says, “I can get morphine.”

Clip 4: There is a momentary pause as we ask questions. At the 3 second mark, Laura J prompts, “Chris” to ask her question for the spirits. Just before Laura J speaks, I can hear a disembodied voice say what sounds like, “Chris before Harry.”

Clip 5: Someone human asks, “How many people died in this room?” I can hear a faint disembodied voice at the 3 second mark but can’t make out what is being said. This is followed by 4 guttural sounds or clicks. It’s not clear to me what makes the noises at the end of the clip. I assume it’s not human as no one tagged it at the time of the recording.

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