USS Hornet Overnight (Paracon, 8/8/15): Sick Bay, Part 3

These are more 2nd generation audio clips from Sick Bay.

Clip 1: At the beginning of the clip, Laura J tags, “Laura walking.” This is followed by several of her footsteps.

Then, in between Bonnie asks for the doctor and Stacy asks if the spirit who told them (on a prior investigation) to go away is present. Listen for the in between moment their questions that starts at the 9 second mark.

Sounds like it might be footsteps, right? And if they are, they must be from Laura J who tagged herself walking as she moved from one spot in Sick Bay to another. Right?

But note that, at the end of the clip, Laura J explains that the sound of footsteps wasn’t coming from her. So who/what was walking among us during our quick EVP session?

Clip 2: You’ll hear Laura J ask someone if they want to ask the spirits a question. She replies, “Oh!” followed by a giggle and then, “No.” Next, someone human sniffs. Right after this, there is a possible disembodied voice at the 5 second mark. It sounds like it’s saying something like, “At the nose cone.”

Clip 3: This is actually a 1st generation audio clip, as Laura J is trying to back up her recorder to a spot where she heard something. She says, “Backing it up, backing it up.” At the 3 second mark, I can hear a possible disembodied voice that says, “Don’t ask her [pause] to.”

Clip 4: Before Laura J says, “Alright. Before I turn this [her audio recorder] off and…” a disembodied voice says, “Kill me.”

During our time in Sick Bay, one woman reported that someone/something touched her hair. As I was sitting down, I felt invisible fingers play with the way my pants near my knee.

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