USS Hornet Overnight (Paracon, 8/8/15): Ward Room, 2nd Generation Clips

These are 2nd generation recordings from the Ward Room. This has always been an active location when I’ve investigated it, and this time was no exception.

Clip 1: Bill Chappell asks, “How many engines are in the engine room?” A disembodied voice immediately replies, “There’s seven.”

Unfortunately, this spirit is wrong. The correct answer is that there are 4 engines on the USS Hornet.

Clip 2: There was some actual military gear left on a table in hopes it would stir up the spirit activity in the Ward Room. Laura J asks the military spirits, “Can you tell me which one of them [caps/hats] would’ve been like a hat you used to wear?” A disembodied voice responds, “The wool cap.”

Laura J: Was there a wool cap among the different caps and hats?

Clip 3: Laura J asks the spirits if they would like to ask us (the humans) a question. I can hear a disembodied voice speak but can’t make out what it’s saying.

The voice sounds like a radio is on or the WWII narrative recording that was playing when we entered the Ward Room. (That recording was turned off for our quick EVP session.)

This kind of communication is common in the Ward Room. At times, if you have good hearing, you can actually hear these voices talking faintly in the background with your own ears. It always sounds like there’s people talking in one of the back corners of the room or in the passageway.

Clip 4: Laura J is wrapping up a quick EVP session and invites the spirits to come closer and listen for their voices when she plays back the session. A voice says, “Aww, shit!” as Laura J turned off her audio recorder.

Spoken like a true sailor!

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