USS Hornet Overnight (Paracon, 8/8/15): Chapel

The last few visits, the Chapel has been pretty active. I don’t have any EVP clips for this location but there are other experiences that happened.

During our time in the Chapel, I sat in the front row. At the front of the room is the altar, a podium, and flags on either side. Throughout our time here, I constantly felt there was someone/something standing behind the flags on the left side (facing the altar), looking at us but not wanting to be seen.

In this clip, you’ll hear the sound of something moving behind Laura J (who’s standing at the podium) at the 11 second mark. Although Laura J and I both thought the other person made the noise, neither one of us did.

It’s interesting to note that this loud sound happened as Laura J talked about Chaplain John Berger, who had recently passed away. (Chaplain Berger, for a long time, led Sunday services in the Chapel.)

I attribute this noise to our mystery friend standing behind the flags.

During the after-hours part of the investigation, we went back into the Chapel. This time, I didn’t feel like there was a presence behind the flags, so our mystery friend disappeared or went somewhere else.

My left eye was really bothering me in the Chapel. My left eye likes to act up (itchy, hard to see, feel like there’s something in it) on investigations. I haven’t yet quite figured out what the connection is to my investigating. It only happens when I’m on investigations. For whatever reason, my left eye was a constant problem to me during our time here.

At one point, something touched the left side of my ribs. It felt like an invisible finger had just stroked my rib area. There was no one else (well, human, that is) sitting on my left side or near there.

We also experienced flashlight activity that at times seemed to correspond to things we were talking about or questions we were asking.

The Rem Pod also went off a lot. In the beginning, Laura J placed the Rem Pod on top of a book of some kind. I don’t think it was a Bible, so perhaps it was a hymnal. Well, the spirits didn’t like that because the Rem Pod kept going off in an annoying kind of manner. It kept going off until Laura J moved the Rem Pod to another spot.

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