USS Hornet Overnight (Paracon, 8/8/15): Heard Around the Ship

These clips were recorded in different areas on the USS Hornet. I identify the location where each clip was recorded.

Clip 1: This 2nd generation clip was recorded in Radio Central, which was responsible for the transmission and reception of confidential messages and information for the ship. Someone asks, “Did you receive some confidential messages?” At the 8 second mark, I hear a disembodied voice say, “Confusion.”

Clip 2: This is also in Radio Central and is a 2nd generation clip. Someone asks, “Did the noise in here affect your hearing?” (You’ll also hear Laura J say, “Sorry” in real time as she tries to find the part of her recording that she wants to review.)

At the 5 second mark, I can hear what sounds like 3 syllables but can’t make out what is being said.

Clip 3: While in the CPO Mess, our group had a great deal of fun playing “strip-draw cards.” (Thank you, Melissa and Laura J for playing!) At one point, the deck of cards being used seemed to move on their own when no one human touched them.

In this clip, you’ll hear us laughing about “audience participation” in the game being played. At the 27 second mark in the clip, I can hear a disembodied voice that may be saying, “You have to.” I have slowed down this part of the clip.

Clip 4: This is from the Forward Generator Room. You’ll first hear a noise, followed by Laura J tagging, “Laura walking.” Right after this, I can hear a disembodied voice say something unclear, followed by a different disembodied voice saying what sounds like, “She’s working.”

This is then followed by a loud banging noise that came from the level above us. At the 4 second mark, I can hear what sounds like another disembodied voice say something but can’t make out what’s being said.

You’ll hear our responses as we try to figure out what made the banging noise. At the 12 second mark, I hear an odd sound. To me, it sounds almost like someone says, “Whoops,” as in, “Whoops! I just dropped that!”

Clip 5: Also from the Forward Generator Room. You’ll first hear the walkie-talkie go off. This is followed by someone in the group asking how many sailors are present in the room with us. You’ll then hear some sounds that I believe are people walking around. At the 9 second mark, I can hear a disembodied voice that may be saying, “‘Sno good” (perhaps as in, “It’s no good”).

Clip 6: This was recorded during a break on the Hangar Deck. You’ll hear the sounds of Tracy and Laura J talking. At the 6 second mark, Cindy laughs. (This is important as you get some sense of what Cindy’s voice sounds like.) Bonnie and Laura J continue the conversation. Then, at the 23 second mark, an unknown voice says, “Ann.”

I heard this in real time and asked Cindy if she said my name. She said she didn’t.

As she and I talked about this after it happened, we decided that it wasn’t Cindy. She didn’t recall saying my name. It also isn’t Cindy because saying “Ann” makes no sense in the context of what Bonnie and Laura J are talking about. There was also nothing said after “Ann” that was directed towards me. It seems to me that if someone human wanted to get my attention by calling out my name, then they’d follow up with something they want to say to me.

So who said my name?

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