USS Hornet Overnight (Paracon, 8/8/15): The 442 Room

This is also a very active location on the USS Hornet. These audio clips were recorded during our time in the “442 Room.” (442 is the regiment number of an Army unit that fought during WWII. The room highlights the activities and heroism of this regiment.)

Clip 1: In this clip, you’ll hear me tell the group that there is a Living Ship day on board the USS Hornet coming up. You’ll also hear, in the background, stray sounds as people set up their investigation equipment for this session.

The possible EVP happens at the 12 second mark. It follows right after Stacy says, “The third Saturday….” To me, the disembodied voice is clearly saying, “What’s that say?”

Clip 2: Stacy asks the spirits if they liked it when Tracy spoke Japanese. At the 9 second mark, there is a single chirp.

Clip 3: We had a dowsing rod session in the 442 Room. Stacy asks, “Are you trying to move the rods?” At the 2 second mark, there is what sounds like either a loud breath or a disembodied voice saying, “Yeah.”

This is followed by Laura J saying “Yes.” Right before she speaks, there is another loud breath or attempt to say “Yeah” by a disembodied voice.

Right after Laura, someone in the group sniffs. As this happens, listen for the chirping sound.

It’s not clear to me who or what made those chirping noises. In 5+ hours of recordings on the USS Hornet this night, the only time I heard the chirping noises was in the 442 Room. As far as I could tell, no one’s equipment made or gave off a sound like this. Also notable is that, at the time of the recording, no one heard the chirps as no one tagged the sound.

Clip 4: Someone asks, “Can you [use the dowsing rods to] point to where you are in the room?” At the 9 second mark, there is a disembodied male voice. To me, it sounds like someone saying, “Let’s have lunch.”

Clip 5: Laura J feels something touch her and she asks if it was the spirits. At the 9 second mark, a disembodied voice says what sounds like “Most case.”

While in the 442 Room, my right foot suddenly started to hurt. It hurt so badly that I actually said “Ow.” (It has to be pretty painful for me to make a sound as I tend to be pretty quiet in response to pain or other unpleasantries.) Laura J’s right foot also started to hurt her. Someone else in our group also complained of pain in her right foot.

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