Month: January 2016

USS Hornet (12/27/15): Around the Ship

These recordings were recorded in different areas of the Hornet. Clip 1: This was in Sick Bay. While the group did a quick EVP session in the Infirmary, Julie, one of the other docents, was recording out in the hallway. She captured a very clear disembodied voice saying, "Lower." This is my 2nd generation recording of her playback. I can also hear a different disembodied voice before "Lower" that may be saying "Bathroom." I hear another disembodied voice right after "Lower," Read more [...]

USS Hornet (12/27/15): Engine Room

These are 2nd generation recordings from the Engine Room. Clip 1: As Laura J tags the location for her recorder, a loud disembodied voice can be heard saying, "Fuck it" or "Suck it." At the 22 second mark, I can hear a disembodied voice say what sounds like, "Injury in here." Clip 2: While in the Engine Room, we did a minute of silence to see if Laura J's recorder could pick up disembodied voices or non-human sounds. She is playing this back for us. At the 7 second mark, Read more [...]

USS Hornet (12/27/15): Sick Bay

These clips were recorded in the room in Sick Bay with the 2-tiered berths. Clip 1: This is a 2nd generation recording. I ask the spirits to tell us what is the most active location in Sick Bay. There is a non-human voice at 8 seconds but I can't make out what it's saying. This is followed by another voice that may be saying, "Infirmary" just before the clip ends. Technically speaking, the room with the 2-tiered berths IS the infirmary, which is the area in a hospital or clinic Read more [...]

USS Hornet (12/27/15): Berthing Area

These clips were recorded in the Berthing Area above the Focsle. When the Hornet was active, a sailor named Peter hung himself in this area because he received a "Dear John" letter (breakup letter from his girlfriend). Clip 1: You'll hear us talk about the possibility of a door off the Berthing Area being open and letting cold air in Several of us felt an icy coldness and were wondering if it was paranormal. At the 2 second mark, I can hear a non-human voice whisper, "And Ray." Clip Read more [...]

USS Hornet (12/27/15): O2/Ready Room

These are 2nd generation recordings from the O2/Ready Room. Clip 1: Right before Hannah says, "Hi. I'm Hannah," a non-human voice says, "Anybody here?" This is at the 5 second mark. Clip 2: Someone in the group asks, "Can you move the flashlight on the table?" A non-human voice says, "I can't." Clip 3: The spirits on the Hornet like to hear music. In this clip, I ask them what kind of music they'd like me to bring with me the next time I'm on the Hornet. I can Read more [...]

USS Hornet (12/27/15): Radio Central Paper Room

These 2nd generation clips were recorded in the room in Radio Central with all the rolls of printer paper stored on the shelves and the teletype machines. It is adjacent to the Top Secret room in Radio Central. Clip 1: Laura J says, " Radio Central. Go from..." Right after this, a possible spirit voice says something that is 2 syllables long but I can't make out what the words are. Laura J then continues, "...Ann. We'll go this way." A non-human voice says at the 4 second mark what Read more [...]

USS Hornet (12/27/15): Top Secret Room in Radio Central

These clips were recorded in the innermost room in Radio Central. This was where top secret communications would be stored and access to it was tightly controlled. In the past, this has been a very active location and tonight was no exception. These are all 2nd generation clips of a replay of our real-time EVP sessions. It is my recording of Laura J's recording being played back. Clip 1: While in this innermost room, Laura J and I could hear footsteps above us. There were 2 groups Read more [...]

USS Hornet (12/27/15): Assorted Sounds on the Ship

On Sunday, 12/27/15, I helped lead a private group, Brentwood Historic Ghost Tours, on a 3 hour tour of the USS Hornet. It was pretty active that night, although most of it was in the form of sounds and EVPs. My group started out on the Bridge. Or, I should say, we tried to start out there. Access to the Bridge was locked and we didn't have a way in. It took us about 10 minutes to figure all this out. Meanwhile, my group stood around in front of the access point to the Bridge. While Read more [...]