USS Hornet (12/27/15): Around the Ship

These recordings were recorded in different areas of the Hornet.

Clip 1: This was in Sick Bay. While the group did a quick EVP session in the Infirmary, Julie, one of the other docents, was recording out in the hallway. She captured a very clear disembodied voice saying, “Lower.” This is my 2nd generation recording of her playback.

I can also hear a different disembodied voice before “Lower” that may be saying “Bathroom.” I hear another disembodied voice right after “Lower,” but I can’t make out what’s being said.

Clip 2: This was recorded in the area above the Brig. You’ll hear people talking in the background. At the beginning of the clip, over the rustling sound (made by me), I can hear a disembodied voice say what might be, “Hey,” followed by “I know her.”

At the end of this clip, you can hear me ask Julie if she heard a disembodied voice, which she did hear.

Clip 3: This was also recorded in the area above the Brig. Laura J says, “So we’re at level 3, so at, uh…” which is followed by a male disembodied voice. Although the voice can be clearly heard on the recording, I am not able to discern what it is saying. Can you?

Clip 4: This was recorded in the Hangar Bay. You’ll hear the sounds of people softly talking in the background. There is a male disembodied voice in the first second of the clip. It sounds like it’s saying, “Saturday.”

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