USS Hornet (12/27/15): Assorted Sounds on the Ship

On Sunday, 12/27/15, I helped lead a private group, Brentwood Historic Ghost Tours, on a 3 hour tour of the USS Hornet. It was pretty active that night, although most of it was in the form of sounds and EVPs.

My group started out on the Bridge. Or, I should say, we tried to start out there. Access to the Bridge was locked and we didn’t have a way in. It took us about 10 minutes to figure all this out.

Meanwhile, my group stood around in front of the access point to the Bridge. While here, we heard 2 different sounds that did not come from anyone in the group.

Clip 1: We were talking as we waited but could hear sounds above and below us. There were 2 groups that night and the other group was starting out in Sick Bay, which was many levels below where we were. This is the first sound we could clearly hear.

To me, this sounds like a groan or a “mmmm” sound made by a female. I thought the sound came from the level below us.

A few minutes after this, we heard a similar sound, again below us.

Clip 2: We were waiting for Bob, the other docent, to come back up to the Bridge. He’d gone to security to see if he could find the key to open the Bridge and to take 3 people back down to the Hangar Bay.

You’ll hear Laura J ask the spirits to help open the door to the Bridge. She says, “If you can help us open the door, that’s be greatly appreciated.” As she says “…be greatly appreciated,” there is the sound of a female, non-human voice saying something but I can’t make out what’s being said. I could hear the voice in real time and you’ll hear me acknowledge this.

It sounds like the same female voice made these 2 sounds. Throughout the 3 hour tour, we could hear a female voice near us or on our EVP playbacks. I wonder if it was the same female who followed us around the ship.

The next 2 clips were recorded in the Ready Room.

Clip 3: As we set up for a session in the Ready Room, we were talking amongst ourselves. All of a sudden, I heard a whistle that sounded like it was coming from the back of the room.

There was an SB 11 running in the background, accounting for the static. Bob says, “Usually this place has a lot of activity….” Before he can continue speaking, there is a very loud and clear whistle, as if someone is trying to get our attention or let us know s/he/it is there in the room with us.

Clip 4: Bob says, “These were rolling straight across. And when we played 40s music….” You’ll hear a voice between Bob speaking; this is a human. But right after this, as Bob starts to talk about the 40s music, you’ll hear another whistle. This time, it’s a single, short whistle and was not made by any of the humans present.

I’ve heard similar whistles on previous investigations on the Hornet. In the past, the whistle sounded like it came from the next compartment over from where I was. This time, the whistle was in the same room with me.

Each time I’ve heard the whistle, I always sense that someone/something is trying to get someone else’s attention. I also imagine that whistling was a common way sailors on the Hornet might have used to quickly get someone’s attention who was nearby.

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