USS Hornet (12/27/15): O2/Ready Room

These are 2nd generation recordings from the O2/Ready Room.

Clip 1: Right before Hannah says, “Hi. I’m Hannah,” a non-human voice says, “Anybody here?” This is at the 5 second mark.

Clip 2: Someone in the group asks, “Can you move the flashlight on the table?” A non-human voice says, “I can’t.”

Clip 3: The spirits on the Hornet like to hear music. In this clip, I ask them what kind of music they’d like me to bring with me the next time I’m on the Hornet.

I can hear a faint non-human voice right after the loud click (made by a human) say what sounds like, “It’s mix berry.” This is followed by another non-human voice at the end of the clip that loudly whispers, “Anything.”

OK, spirits. Message received. I’ll be sure to bring an assortment of music to play for you when I’m next on the Hornet. Hopefully you’ll like some of my selections.

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