USS Hornet (12/27/15): Radio Central Paper Room

These 2nd generation clips were recorded in the room in Radio Central with all the rolls of printer paper stored on the shelves and the teletype machines. It is adjacent to the Top Secret room in Radio Central.

Clip 1: Laura J says, “…in Radio Central. Go from…” Right after this, a possible spirit voice says something that is 2 syllables long but I can’t make out what the words are. Laura J then continues, “…Ann. We’ll go this way.” A non-human voice says at the 4 second mark what sounds like, “Get off.”

Clip 2: I say, “We know there’s a woman around us. Can you tell us what your name is, please?” There is a clicking sound that was made by a human in the room, followed by a voice at the 6 second mark saying what sounds like “Babe” or “Faith.”

On my next visit to the Hornet, I will have to follow up and ask some questions about “Babe/Faith” to see if I can further identify who she is and why she’s on the Hornet. Whoever she is, she did not serve on the Hornet; during all the years the Hornet was an active aircraft carrier, there were never any women assigned to it.

Clip 3: Laura J hears something and says, “You hear that behind me?” Someone in the group says, “Mmmm.” This is followed by a non-human voice saying what sounds like, “I got burns on.”

Clip 4: This is a longer version of Clip 3. Right after, “I got burns on” at the 3 second mark, you’ll hear some of us say what we think is being said.

At the 12 second mark, I can hear a non-human voice say, “Down here,” as if to let us know where it is.

Clip 5: Before Laura J says, “It sounds like ‘Ready or not’,” non-human sounds/noises can be heard but I can’t make out what is being said or what is making these sounds. Can you make out any words?

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