USS Hornet (12/27/15): Sick Bay

These clips were recorded in the room in Sick Bay with the 2-tiered berths.

Clip 1: This is a 2nd generation recording. I ask the spirits to tell us what is the most active location in Sick Bay. There is a non-human voice at 8 seconds but I can’t make out what it’s saying. This is followed by another voice that may be saying, “Infirmary” just before the clip ends.

Technically speaking, the room with the 2-tiered berths IS the infirmary, which is the area in a hospital or clinic where sick patients are cared for.

Clip 2: This is also a 2nd generation recording. Laura J says, “Before I play this back, do you have a question for us?” At the 13 second mark, just before she says, “OK, we’re going to play this back,” there’s a disembodied voice that may be saying, “I’m here.”

I can also hear other possible disembodied voices speaking in the silence between Laura J’s words but I can’t make out what is being said.

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