USS Hornet (12/27/15): Top Secret Room in Radio Central

These clips were recorded in the innermost room in Radio Central. This was where top secret communications would be stored and access to it was tightly controlled. In the past, this has been a very active location and tonight was no exception.

These are all 2nd generation clips of a replay of our real-time EVP sessions. It is my recording of Laura J’s recording being played back.

Clip 1: While in this innermost room, Laura J and I could hear footsteps above us. There were 2 groups that night and the other group was many levels below us, in Sick Bay. There should not have been any people on the next level up.

You’ll hear me ask if the spirits can tell us who’s walking around above us. At the 5 second mark, I can hear a faint, “It’s me,” followed by what sounds like, “Come down here” at the 9 second mark.

Clip 2: In this clip, Laura J asks someone in the group if he has a question to ask. At the 3 second mark, there is a male non-human voice saying what sounds like, “No.” Next, there is a female voice but I think this is coming from a woman in the group. Right after this, there is an EVP that sounds like, “Answer the question” or “Do you have a question?”

Clip 3: Laura J asks the spirits to make a noise so we know they’re with us. At the 6 second mark, a non-human voice says, “Get out.”

Clip 4: Laura is replaying this part of her recording and commenting in real time (as she plays her recording) on what she hears. You’ll hear the “Get out” from Clip 3. Clip 4 continues on and one of the women in the group says, “Did you hear that?” referring to the “Get out.”

Right after she speaks, there is another spirit voice that says very clearly and loudly at the 10 second mark, “Get out, now!”

Clip 5: There are several things going on in this clip. First, you’ll hear Laura J winding up our quick EVP session by asking the spirits to come close to us so they can hear their voices when she plays back her recording of the quick EVP session.

At the 4 second mark, there is a short whine or cry which some of the people heard at the time. You’ll hear several people talk about this sound and where they think it’s coming from. At the 12 second mark, a non-human voice says, “Get out.”

That makes a total of 3 instances of something saying “Get out” to us. Well, we were in a high security area so perhaps the spirits just felt we didn’t have the necessary clearance to be there.

The groan is of interest, as earlier, in front of the locked doorway to the Bridge, we’d heard a similar sound. Like that time, this time it sounds like a female voice again.

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