Mare Island (5/28/16): Admiral’s Mansion, Part 1

These are all 2nd generation clips recorded during the 1st EVP session we conducted in the hallway on the 2nd floor.

Clip 1: Chris asks the spirits to tell her who last lived in the Mansion. At the 5 second mark, I can hear what sounds like, “I believe,” followed by more words that I can’t make out.

Clip 2: Here is the same clip but slowed down. This time, I can hear 2 female voices but can’t make out what they’re saying at this speed. I think the 2nd female is saying at the end of the clip “Me?” in an inquisitive voice.

Clip 3: In this clip, Mike says, “I thought [the round of questions] was going to Michael.” Mike pauses, and in this pause I can hear a disembodied voice say what sounds like, “Sir na um” before Mike continues on, saying, “Uh, thank you for your service….”

Clip 4: This is a replay of the same clip. Notice how the disembodied voice now seems to be saying what sounds like, “Hossana.”

Clip 5: Mike asks the spirits if they recognize anyone from the group from a previous visit to Mare Island. In the silence that follows, I can faintly hear a woman saying something but can’t make out what is being said. At the 7 second mark, a possible disembodied voice may be saying, “Yeah.”

Clip 6: Cindy asks the name of the spirit that was setting off her K2 meter in the other room. A breathy male voice says what sounds like “Bastard” or “faster.”

Clip 7: One of us asks, “Is the Lady of the House here?” At the 6 second mark, I can hear a possible disembodied voice that may be saying, “Yes I am” or “Yes I can.”

I have more EVP clips from the Admiral’s Mansion in the blog titled, “Mare Island (5/28/16): Admiral’s Mansion, Part 2.”

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