Mare Island (5/28/16): Admiral’s Mansion, Part 2

These are all 2nd generation clips recorded in the other EVP session we conducted in the main hallway, in front of the fireplace and near the coat closet. Several of us on the tour felt a very strong energetic presence here when we first entered the Mansion and during the tour.

Clip 1: Chris asks the spirits if they like it when someone comes to tour the Mansion. At the 10 second mark, I hear what might be a disembodied voice saying something like, “It’s a guest.”

Clip 2: Laura J tells the spirits from the attic and 2nd floor to come visit us downstairs on the 1st floor. A disembodied voice says either, “Up the stairs” or “Upstairs,” indicating that they want us to come to them!

Clip 3: Cindy asks if there are any spirits of children present. (You’ll also hear me, in real time during the replay, say, “It’s a male’s voice.”) In the silence, I can hear a faint voice but can’t make out what is being said. Before the clip ends, I can hear something say, “It’s cold.”

Clip 4: I ask the spirits if they’re sad now that the Mansion is empty and no one lives there anymore. A disembodied male voice says, “It’s nice.”

Clip 5: Someone asks the spirits if they mind that we’re in the Mansion. A disembodied voice says what sounds like, “Up a stote.”

Clip 6: Chris is wrapping up the EVP session and says, “You can hear your voice.” A disembodied voice says, “Let’s go.”

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