Mare Island (5/28/16): Admiral’s Mansion

The spirits (or whatever they are) were very talkative in the Admiral’s Mansion. Several people took photos of the outside front of the Mansion and may have captured spirit formations in the windows from the front bedrooms. On the tour, I definitely felt something less-than-positive hanging out in the fireplace area and coat closet in the hallway on the 1st floor. And then I walked into something energetic when touring the front bedrooms.

Clip 1: This is an interesting one. We are all standing on the front step, waiting for Lou to open the front door. The beginning of the clip starts off with one of us laughing. Right after this and before Lou says, “Not quite!”, I can hear a disembodied voice say what sounds like, “We are home” or “We got home.” A relevant statement given the context. Perhaps this is something that was said by one the many families who lived in the Mansion.

This has become one of my most favorite clips!

Clip 2: Chris says, “One of those rooms over there.” I say, “Yeah.” Before Chris says, “We’ll start [our EVP session] over there…” I hear a disembodied voice say what sounds like, “There,” as if helping Chris figure out where to conduct the session.

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