Mare Island (5/28/16): The Museum, Part 1

The Mare Island Museum definitely had some weird energy in a few places. Laura J thought she saw a shadow move in one of the windows on the small building inside the Museum; I also felt there were spirits on the second level of the same building.

The following clips were recorded in the exhibit room by the bathrooms. Chris, Laura J, I, and others felt very sick in this area, especially by the brown couch. I felt so bad that I almost had to leave the area. I’m not sure if the bad energy is associated with the couch or with the land itself. Perhaps a bit of both.

Clip 1: Chris is tagging the location at the beginning of the EVP session. A disembodied voice says, “Up here.”

Clip 2: Chris asks the spirits if they have a message for one of us. In the silence, I can faintly hear a woman’s voice but can’t make out what she’s saying. It’s a long sentence, whatever it is.

Clip 3: I ask the spirits if they can tell me why my head hurts so much. I can faintly hear 2 different male voices say, “No.”

Clip 4: Before someone says, “You keep up…” and someone else says, “Did it say ‘sorry’?”, I can hear a disembodied voice clearly say, “Startle!” The voice even sound startled!

Next, as Nikki says, “Can you tell me which one?”, I can hear another disembodied voice say, “I like it.” I can also hear a different disembodied voice say what sounds like, “Tits.”

Clip 5: Nikki asks the spirits to tell her which ship they built when they worked on the Island. As she finishes speaking, a disembodied voice says what sounds like, “I know.” Then, at the 4 second mark, I can hear an echo-y voice say, “Come everyone here.”

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