Mare Island (5/28/16): The Cemetery

These clips were recorded in the cemetery. In the background, you’ll hear birds and the breeze that was blowing.

Clip 1: Mirna asks if there are any spirits present, if they could make their presence known to us. There is the sound of a woodpecker, perhaps letting us know about the spirits around us. This is a 2nd generation recording.

The sound of a woodpecker doing his thing is not something regularly heard in the Bay Area, so when heard, it’s something distinctive and likely to be noticed. Also, we were in the cemetery for about 20 minutes and didn’t hear the woodpecker at any other time.

Clip 2: Chris asks the spirits to tell us the name of a person buried in a plot with a headstone that’s too worn to read the name. A possible disembodied voice says something, but I can’t make out what is being said. This is right before she tells the birds in the background to be quiet for us. This is also a 2nd generation recording.

Clip 3: You’ll hear someone human talking in the background. In this 1st generation clip, I can hear 2 different disembodied voices. The first one speaks over the person talking. Can you make out what each disembodied voice is saying?

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