Sacramento Underground Tour (6/11/16): Part 1

These 2nd generation clips were recorded in one of the underground areas that are open for the public tours in Old Sacramento. The underground area is actually the floor of the original city of Sacramento. The flood of 1861-1862 forced the city to raise the floor of buildings by as much as 14 feet in order to escape future floods.

We were able to conduct one EVP session in this area. During the session, noises from people walking around Old Sacramento could be heard (footsteps, voices), so some of these clips may be outside noises.

Clip 1: Nikki asks, “Can you tell me your name?” I hear a male disembodied voice at the 4 second mark, and then an echo-y female voice at the 6 second mark. It sounds like the male voice is saying, “October.” I can’t make out what the female voice is saying.

Clip 2: Mirna asks, “Do you mind us being here?” As if in response, a single “thock” sound can be heard. This was made in the underground area, with us, and was not heard during the EVP session.

Clip 3: There are several display cases in this underground area that hold objects that were discovered during an archaeological dig.

Chris asks the spirits if they owned any of the items on display. Right after her question, there is an echo-y female voice; I can’t make out what it’s saying and it’s possible that this is actually a human woman (with a rather loud voice) walking by and talking outside.

Then, at the 8 second mark, I can hear a male voice but can’t make out what is being said.

Clip 4: I ask the spirits, “Where were you born?” I can hear something at the 5 second mark but can’t tell if it’s a disembodied voice; at the end of the clip, I can once again hear an echo-y female voice that sounds just like the female voice in Clip 3.

Clip 5: Someone in the group asks, “How old are you?” An echo-y, sing-songy female voice says what sounds like, “Don’t you dare, ” followed by more things that I can’t make out. Again, it’s possible that this is a human woman outside the building.

I have more clips from this EVP session in the blog post titled, “Sacramento Underground Tour (6/11/16): Part 2.”

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