Sacramento Underground Tour (6/11/16): Part 2

These 2nd generation clips were recorded during an EVP session conducted under one of the buildings in Old Sacramento. For more information about why there are underground sections of Old Sacramento, please see “Sacramento Underground Tour (6/11/16): Part 1.”

I think some/most of the “EVPs” in Part 1 and Part 2 may be outside contamination from the people walking and talking around the area we were in. It was past 6 pm on a busy Saturday.

I’m including several clips here so you can better hear the constant sound of a woman’s faint voice in the background.

In each clip, I can hear what sounds like 1 primary woman’s voice in the background, talking faintly. For the most part, I am not able to make out what is being said.

(You’ll recognize the questions in Clip 1 from Part 1 of this entry. I’ve included the series of questions that were asked in this round, so you can hear the continuous sound of a woman’s voice in the background, in between our questions.)

Clip 1

Clip 2

It’s interesting to note that Miss Odessa, our wonderful Tour Guide, thought she could hear the sound of water running in the background when we replayed the EVP session. I wonder if what she heard was the sound of this woman/spirit faintly talking in the background.

It’s also interesting that it sounds like the same woman/spirit talking in the background. I can tell you I didn’t notice any women (humans) from the street talking for very long near us (and I was paying some attention to this to help gauge how much outside noise contamination there would be on the replay), and certainly not as long as is recorded in these clips.

So human or spirit?

Clip 3: Laura J asks the spirits if they were offended by the actions of the Ghost Adventures crew when they filmed in the underground area. At the 8 second mark, I can hear a male disembodied voice say, “We were.” I also hear the same echo-y female voice before that.

Clip 4: This is the end of the EVP session and Laura J is asking the spirits if they have anything to say to us before she turns off her recorder. At the 8 second mark, I can clearly hear a disembodied woman’s voice say the name “Karen.” This is followed by another disembodied voice saying, “Pass” at the 11 second mark.

The “pass” was not said by any of the humans in the group. It also doesn’t make sense that any of us would have said “pass,” when it was clearly the end of the EVP session.

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