McConaghy House (8/20/16): Streak in Carriage House

I took these photos at the end of our investigation in the Carriage House. I wanted to take photos of the old carriages because, at the start of the evening, I had heard a single creaking noise that sounded like someone getting into the carriage right behind where I was sitting.

These 3 photos were taken in rapid succession from the same spot.

Photo One: Before photo.

mcconaghy 8_20_16 carr no streak 1

Photo Two: Something small streaking past the carriage on the right side.

mcconaghy 8_20_16 carr streak

Photo Three: And now you don’t see it.

mcconaghy 8_20_16 carr no streak 2

It is possible that the streak was caused by a bug, although I didn’t notice any inside the Carriage House when we were in there.

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