Month: September 2016

Cult of Gemini/TwinStar Podcast Episode 007 (8/16)

At the end of August, I was on the 2016 Summer Paranormal Tour with Joanne Chapa, Laura Johnson, and other friends that took me to Grass Valley, California. It's quite a nice Gold Country town, with a number of stores that focus on unique, quality items (i.e., they don't sell tourist-y stuff). One of these stores is the Cult of Gemini, owned and operated by Kathy Frey and Ginger Lazarus. It's an interesting store, offering tarot decks and other metaphysical and unusual items for sale. Read more [...]

Undisclosed Location, SF Bay Area, CA (9/10/16): How Long Should the Isolation Sessions Be?

I cannot disclose the location of this investigation. Suffice it to say that it was pretty active. Three of us went upstairs to do individual isolation sessions. You'll hear our movements and then Chris says, "And how long are we going to stay in here?" There's some human talk and then a male disembodied voice. Can you make out what the voice is saying? This isn't an EVP as I could clearly hear the voice at the time of the recording. And I could clearly hear the voice coming from Read more [...]

Holbrooke Hotel, Grass Valley, CA (8/29/16): More Light in the Basement

These photos were also taken when Laura J, Joanne, and I were investigating the Basement. Photo 1A: 2 odd streaks of white/light. Photo 1B: Here's Photo 1A with the 2 streaks circled in red. Photo 2A: And more streaks. This was taken immediately after Photo 1A. Photo 2B: The streaks in Photo 2A are circled. Photo 3: And this is the last photo I took in this series. It was taken immediately after Photo 2A. Read more [...]

Holbrooke Hotel, Grass Valley, CA (8/29/16): Streak of Light in Basement

After dinner on 8/29/16 (see photo of light streak in The Owl's Dining Room in prior post), Laura J, Joanne, and I set out to investigate the Holbrooke. There are many, many stories about the Holbrooke being haunted. Supposedly, we weren't staying in a haunted room (we were in room 10) and the one that was supposed to be haunted (room 8), which was several doors down from our room, was already occupied by someone else. It should be no surprise that room 10 wound up having paranormal activity Read more [...]

Owl Grill & Saloon, Grass Valley, CA (8/29/16): Long Streak in Dining Room

On Monday evening (8/29/16), Laura J, Joanne, and I went to eat at the Owl Grill & Saloon in Grass Valley. We chose that place because of George. George was a gambler who played cards; he was shot one day while sitting in that spot for cheating. It is said that his spirit haunts the back Dining Room booth on the right side (closest to the bathrooms). The Owl is a pretty dark place, which adds to the overall slightly creepy vibe inside. After a great ribeye steak, I decided to take some photos Read more [...]