Holbrooke Hotel, Grass Valley, CA (8/29/16): Streak of Light in Basement

After dinner on 8/29/16 (see photo of light streak in The Owl’s Dining Room in prior post), Laura J, Joanne, and I set out to investigate the Holbrooke. There are many, many stories about the Holbrooke being haunted.

Supposedly, we weren’t staying in a haunted room (we were in room 10) and the one that was supposed to be haunted (room 8), which was several doors down from our room, was already occupied by someone else. It should be no surprise that room 10 wound up having paranormal activity with the 3 of us in it (voices, shadows moving in the hallway when there weren’t any people walking around, Laura J felt someone rush up to her when she was in bed and her covers somehow wound up all on the floor).

I took these photos when we were investigating the Holbrooke’s basement. The basement has a very creepy feel to it. I sense trapped energy down there that is very thick and heavy. The Holbrooke’s bathrooms are located down there (and those felt haunted, too). There is also space for a bar; at the time of our visit, the room was being redone and the bar was closed.

In a prior post, I talked about these streaks of white light that I would see flying around when I looked through my cell phone camera earlier in the day at the Holbrooke. While I could see them with my camera, I could not see them with just my eyes. This photo captures a bit of what I could see through the camera lens.

Photo 1: Nothing unusual in this photo. Some storage bins to the left, the elevator door (yes, the elevator felt creepy, too) to the right, and a large iron door bolted to the center of the wall.


Photo 2: Suddenly, there is a wide white streak running along the left bottom corner.


Photo 3: I’ve circled the wide white streak in Photo 2.


I think it’s time to revisit the Holbrooke!

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