Owl Grill & Saloon, Grass Valley, CA (8/29/16): Long Streak in Dining Room

On Monday evening (8/29/16), Laura J, Joanne, and I went to eat at the Owl Grill & Saloon in Grass Valley. We chose that place because of George. George was a gambler who played cards; he was shot one day while sitting in that spot for cheating. It is said that his spirit haunts the back Dining Room booth on the right side (closest to the bathrooms). The Owl is a pretty dark place, which adds to the overall slightly creepy vibe inside.

After a great ribeye steak, I decided to take some photos of the empty Dining Room area before leaving.

Photo 1: This is a regular view of the Dining Room area to the right of the booths. Everything looks as it did to my own eyes.


Photo 2: I took this photo right after taking Photo 1. Note the long white streak near left center. To find the streak, look for the shutters on the back wall and the chair near the center of the photo.


Here is the streak circled so that you can find it more easily.


During dinner in the haunted booth, I had a K2 meter set out between me and Laura J. Laura J had dressed up especially for George. Throughout dinner, there were K2 hits. Many of the hits seemed to coincide with the things we talked about. When we were not talking about George, the K2 meter would not light up.

As for the long white streak, I can say that I saw them all day on 8/29/16. It started in the Cult of Gemini shop which I visited earlier in the day. I would see the streaks through the cell phone camera but could not see them with just my eyes. I did not see any streaks in The Owl, although it appears I caught one in my photo.

We were staying at the very haunted Holbrooke hotel in Room 10. During a day time ghost tour of the hotel and then again during the nighttime investigation, I continued to see the streaks–but only through my camera. There were many, many streaks in the Holbrooke. Laura J, who was also taking photos, noticed them, too.

The streaks I saw through my camera match exactly what is captured in Photo 2. I’m not sure what is making the white streaks. I do know that for me they’ve been showing up in some of my photos since the McConaghy House investigation on 8/20/16. I will keep you posted if I learn anything more about this phenomena.

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