Cult of Gemini/TwinStar Podcast Episode 007 (8/16)

At the end of August, I was on the 2016 Summer Paranormal Tour with Joanne Chapa, Laura Johnson, and other friends that took me to Grass Valley, California. It’s quite a nice Gold Country town, with a number of stores that focus on unique, quality items (i.e., they don’t sell tourist-y stuff).

One of these stores is the Cult of Gemini, owned and operated by Kathy Frey and Ginger Lazarus.

It’s an interesting store, offering tarot decks and other metaphysical and unusual items for sale. It’s also haunted.

When we told Kathy the nature of our visit, we were invited by her to go into the back of the store that is off-limits to customers, which they use as a small meeting space and for storage. There’s definitely an odd energy in this part of the store, although I didn’t get much of a chance to figure out what that might be or why it’s there.

I took some photos of the back area. As I set up a photo in the entrance to the back area, I saw a thin, long streak of white light shoot past my lens. Unfortunately, I did not capture that in the photo, although I did in photos taken at The Owl Grill and Saloon and the Holbrooke Hotel. I’ve posted these photos already and you can find them under the September 2016 postings. I continued to see many of these streaks in the Holbrooke later that same day.

Seeing the bright white streak in the Cult of Gemini was really my first paranormal experience in Grass Valley.

So it’s appropriate, then, that Kathy and Ginger, who host the TwinStar Podcast asked us to join them for an episode. It’s my first time on a podcast! It was a lot of fun to talk about our investigations and personal paranormal experiences, along with a little bit of life in general.

Here’s the podcast episode. It runs just over 40 minutes long.

I look forward to a return visit to Grass Valley for the chance to pop back into Cult of the Gemini, catch up with my new friends, and see what new, unusual objects they have for sale. If you’re in the area, I recommend stopping in. Tell them that “Ann, from” sent you!

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