Meek Mansion, Hayward, CA (10/1/16): “Flag Room” Orb-Thingy

Mike calls this the “Flag Room,” because, once, there was an American flag banner in this room. Ever since then, the name’s stuck. I always get a creepy feeling in this particular room. Might be because the ceiling is slanted and it’s painted a dark color.

These photos were taken in the closet in the Flag Room.

In this photo, you just see the closet. Look at the floor in the closet by the door.


Now, in this photo, notice the white light thing-y that almost looks like a (somewhat large) orb. It’s clearly not matrixing from the floor.


There were flying bugs in the Meek that night, so it’s possible the orb-thingy anomaly is just a bug. A very big bug. What do you think?

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