Meek Mansion, Hayward, CA (10/1/16): In the Hallway in Front of the Dining Room

Gotta love the Meek. I’ve even made it into a verb since I get to investigate this location on a regular basis and have such a good time. As in, “Hey, we get to Meek tonight!” (E.g., investigate Meek Mansion)

Note: I get to do these investigations for free as a docent-in-training. Normally, the paranormal investigation costs $85 a person. But, as a docent, you’d get in for free! Of course, you have to lead an investigation group around the Meek rather than just be part of the group, but that’s sure worth it to get into Meek at no cost. If you’re interested, contact Heather Farquhar, Collection and Properties Manager, at the Hayward Area Historical Society.

I snapped these photos during the walk-through tour that we took before starting the actual investigation inside the Meek. The photos were taken in the Main Hallway on the 1st floor, looking into the Dining Room, one right after another. Left of the radiator in the lower right quadrant, I see what may be an orb.

I’ve circled the area where the possible orb move so you can see it better. Here it is.


The next 3 photos show the “orb” slowing working its way to the floor.




As always, this could be a bug. There were bugs flying around inside. I wish I’d snapped a few more shots to see where it eventually went. Bug? Orb? Something else? I’ll leave that to you to decide.

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