McConaghy House, Hayward, CA (10/22/16): Caught Out in Back of House

These were also taken the night of the Shrouded Tales tour at McConaghy.

This is on the back right side of the house. The first photo shows you what this area looks like normally.


The following photos were taken in the same area. Notice the right rear quadrant of the photo.


This photo was taken just a few seconds later.


I’m not sure if the long white swoosh is somehow, now, this straight line or if it’s something else entirely.

And here’s the last photo I took in that series. Again, just a few seconds later. Nothing unusual in this photo.


As I’ve noted elsewhere, there’s been stuff flying through the air in Hayward over the past few weeks. As far as I can tell, it all looks natural/manmade. So it’s possible that these light anomalies are just whatever was in the air. But I’m thinking the straight white line might be something paranormal. It’s so straight! And strange.

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