McConaghy House, Hayward, CA (10/22/16): Swoosh in Parking Lot

October is the month for the Shrouded Tales tours led by Hayward Area Historical Society volunteers. The tours revolve around the traditions and beliefs the Victorians held about death, dying, and burial. This is all done as we tour the inside of the properties (Meek and McConaghy). It’s really fascinating to see how people in the Victorian period saw death, and to compare that with our traditions and beliefs today.

These photos were taken in the parking lot at McConaghy House.

In the top right quadrant of this photo, you can see a white swoosh moving through the air.


Here’s a photo I took a few seconds later. Now, there’s no swoosh.


There was stuff (dust, maybe tiny water droplets?) flying around in the air that night, so it’s possible this swoosh is something natural/manmade. The last few times I’ve taken night shots in Hayward (Meek, by the San Lorenzo theater), I’ve noticed this stuff in the air. I’m not sure what it is but I wish it’d stop! With it in the air, it’s harder to tell what could be paranormal.

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