Meek Mansion, Hayward, CA (1/7/17): Carriage House, Part 1

There was some action from the K2 meter and Vortex Dome while we were in the Carriage House. (There was also other “action” in the form of stories we told from our pasts, but I have to leave what I heard back in the Carriage House!) There were a few possible EVPs, too.

Clip 1: Lori asks if there’s any spirits with us. This is followed by 2 knocks and a “tink” sound. It’s possible the spirits made those sounds to let us know that, yes, they were with us.

Clip 2: I ask the spirits what it is about rainstorms that allows them to better communicate with us. A disembodied voice says at the 10 second mark, “Send her up.” There is a 2nd floor to the Carriage House that is not open to the public. I’ve slowed down this part of the clip so you can better hear what is said.

Clip 3: Chris notes that one of the flashlights turned on during our EVP session. A disembodied male voice says, “Leave it off.”

Clip 4: Chris says that we’ll do an EVP session after we tell stories about ourselves to get the spirits to talk to us. At the 4 second mark, I can hear what sounds like a disembodied voice say, “Grilled cheese, omelet.”

In the next post, I’ll have possible EVPs clips that were recorded during our EVP sessions.

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