Meek Mansion, Hayward, CA (1/7/17): Mr. Meek’s (Smaller) Bedroom

These were recorded in Mr. Meek’s Bedroom and are all 2nd generation recordings.

Clip 1: In this recording, you’ll hear some of talking and Chris saying, “But this is how it should be….” As Chris begins to say this, there is a weird sound that was not made by the humans and that wasn’t heard at the time of the recording.

Clip 2: Yvette asks if there are any other spirits besides Mr. Meek in the Bedroom with us. One of us coughs. Then, at the 8 second mark, a male voice says, “No.”

Clip 3: I ask Mr. Meek if Mrs. Meek snored when she slept. My question is followed by a series of noises that sound like someone walking and then someone moving things about. If we’d heard these sounds during the EVP session, we would’ve tagged them.

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