Meek Mansion, Hayward, CA (1/7/17): Mrs. Meek’s (bigger) Bedroom

My group started out in Mrs. Meek’s (bigger) Bedroom on the 2nd floor. We had some great and active Rem-Pod activity near the fireplace. There was also some flashlight activity. These 2nd generation recordings are from this room.

Clip 1: Chris asks who is setting off the Rem-Pod in front of the fireplace. At the 8 second mark, it sounds like a female disembodied voice saying, “January,” which is then followed by another female disembodied voice saying, “Who’s there?” (These possible voices will be faint but I’ve amplified them so hopefully you can hear them.) There is also a male disembodied voice at the 12 second mark says, “I am.” I’ve amplified and slowed down this part of the clip so you can hear the male voice better.

If that is a disembodied voice saying, “I am,” it’s not clear if it’s responding to Chris’s question or the female disembodied voice asking who’s there.

Clip 2: At the very beginning of this clip, a male disembodied voice says what sounds like, “Right now.” Then, Mike asks if the spirits who locked us out of The Meek in October 2016 still wanted us to stay out. Someone human makes a small coughing sound. At the 16 second mark, a male disembodied voice says, “No.” You’ll hear the real-time response by us to hearing the reply during the playback of the EVP session.

Clip 3: Nora asks the spirits of The Meek if they’re happy that we came back to visit with them. At the 8 second mark, a male disembodied voice says what sounds like, “Yes.”

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