Meek Mansion, Hayward, CA (1/7/17): Possible EVPs from the Hallway in front of Mr. Meek’s (smaller) Bedroom

These are all 2nd generation recordings from the EVP session my group did in the hallway outside of Mr. Meek’s (smaller) Bedroom.

Clip 1: Lori asks the spirit to say its name “really, really loud for us.” There are 2 faint voices that sound like they’re saying “yes.” At the end of the clip, a female voice can be heard but it’s not clear to me what she’s saying. Can you make it out?

Clip 2: Mike asks if any of the Meek children or the children of relatives liked to slide down the stairs. This is followed by 3 human sounds: a single beep, a knock, and another single beep. At the 8 second mark, a possible disembodied voice says, “Yes,” followed by 2 different sounding beeps. While the first 2 beeps were made by us, we didn’t make the last 2 beeps. We also didn’t hear them at the time of the recording.

Clip 3: Nora asks what color the mansion was originally. I can make out 3 different possibly disembodied voices in the silence after she asks her question. The first one can be heard at the 4 second mark. This is followed by a tapping sound made by one of the humans and another possibly disembodied voice. Then, at the 8 second mark, there’s another possible EVP; this one sounds like, “Yes, we’re off” said by several possibly disembodied voices. I’ve amplified the last possible EVP.

Clip 4: Chris asks the spirits if they like it when people come to visit the mansion or if they’re tired of it. At the 8 second mark, a possible disembodied voice says something but I can’t make out the words. At the 14 second mark, I can hear the word, “Bigfoot.”

Clip 5: I ask what was Mr. Meek’s favorite dish to eat. At the 7 second mark, I can hear a woman say what sounds like, “vege,” followed by a short pause, and then “table.” Put all together, the word is “vegetable.” Was this what Mr. Meek loved to eat when he was alive? This is followed at the 10 second mark by what may be other disembodied voices but I can’t make out what is being said.

Clip 6: Nora asks the spirits if they used to walk the hallway by candlelight. At the very end of the clip, at the 23 second mark, I can hear a male voice that sounds like it is saying, “As quick.” I can also hear other sounds (possibly other disembodied voices) before this but they are very faint and I can’t make anything out.

Clip 7: Mike is wrapping up our EVP session. As he finishes saying, “Hopefully we can hear you,” there is a very loud disembodied male voice. I can clearly make out what I think it is saying. Can you?

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