Unidentifiable Location, California (1/13/17): Part 3, the Echovox Session

We tried using the Echovox app on my phone. I’m not sure the app actually works but it’s always fun when it says relevant things based on what we’re talking about.

Clip 1: I say, “Hi!” to the spirits. It sounds like the app quickly says back, “Hi” before one of us laughs.

Clip 2: Chris asks if anyone brought an Ovilus. The app says what sounds like, “Odd ball.” This is relevant because, throughout the night, we’d been joking about balls.

I have to provide some background on this one for it to make sense.

One of our regular objects used in investigations is a small plastic cat ball. It lights up when it moves. As you can imagine, cat balls leads us to talking about other kinds of balls.

The location is also rumored to have been visited by an unfortunate fellow nicknamed, “Three Finger Jack.” Well, that turned into One Ball Bob.

So perhaps the app was joining in our fun.

(I swear it’s much funnier in person.)

Clip 3: Laura is beating a drum and Chris is moving the wind chimes. I jokingly tell Laura to “not quit your day job.” At the 5 second mark, it sounds like the app says, “Laura.”

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