Unidentifiable Location, California (1/13/17): Part 6, Walkie-Talkie EVP Session

Clips 1 and 2 are 2nd generation recordings from the 3rd EVP session of the night. For this session, we placed a walkie talkie up in the 2nd floor bathroom, shut the door, and then did an EVP session using the other walkie talkie on the first floor. This was the first time this was tried. There’s some minor tweaking that needs to happen (not talking in between questions, greater distance between the two walkie-talkies) but this is a really promising method to communicate with the spirits.

Clip 1: Mike says, “…recording? OK.” This is followed by some of us talking. At the 2 second mark, a male disembodied voice says, “Alcohol.”

Clip 2: Cindy asks the spirits, “Do you like it up on the second floor?” At the 20 second mark, I can hear a voice. In a pleading tone of voice, someone/thing disembodied says, “Let me in.” You’ll hear our response to the “let me in” as we listened to the playback.

Clip 3: Laura says, “No. Now I’ll turn it back to regular [playback] speed. Sorry. Apologize.” At the 6 second mark, Cindy tags her stomach making a noise. Starting at the 9 second mark, there are a series of bangs or loud footsteps. We did not hear these at the time of the EVP session as no one tagged the noise. This was recorded in a break in the replay of the walkie-talkie EVP session and a 1st generation recording.

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