Unidentified Location, CA (2/4/17): Part 1

On Saturday 2/4/17, I was given the opportunity to investigate a locally historic site that had not ever been investigated before!

That’s always exciting, because no one’s quite sure what we will or won’t experience. The buildings are in very good shape given their age.

While not as active as some other locations (Meek Mansion, Pardee Home), we did pick up some interesting audio. I think the spirits were not quite sure what we were doing there or how they could communicate with us. But some were successful and some of the possible EVPs seem to be answering some of the questions we asked.

The investigation organizer said they might return to this location for more investigations, so I’m sure activity at the site will gradually increase over time.

Here is Part 1 of the audio clips from this investigation. We caught a few non-vocal sounds.

Clip 1: While we were conducting an EVP session, several people heard a musical sound somewhere nearby. They likened it to the sound of a music box or ice cream truck passing by. The clip starts out with me asking the spirits to name the woman in a painting in the hallway. The musical sound can be heard at the 10 second mark in the clip.

As you can hear, it’s a single sound of something like a piano note.

The only piano in the house is on the first floor in the family parlor and we were on the second floor. The note in the clip sounds like it’s in the room with us or very close by. There was nothing in the room that would have made this kind of sound.

Clip 2: Melissa asks if there are any children with us. At the 5 second mark, there is a weird sound. At the time of the EVP session, I heard this but no one else did. I wasn’t sure then what I had heard and I’m certainly not sure now.

Clip 3: This is a 2nd generation recording. Melissa asks what kinds of things were made in the building we are in. At the 8 second mark, there is a fluttering sound that was not heard at the time of the recording or made by one of us.

Barn owls were spotted that night close to the outbuildings but there were no owls inside with us. So what made that sound?

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